Our travels inspire us

Aside from the amazing stories of our clients, what really gets our creative juices flowing are the things we experience on our trips.  We're based in Manila, yet constantly find ourselves going places we've never been - whether it be for work, or to escape it - in search of visual romance, epic destinations and real human connections that we might be lucky enough to immortalize with a camera.


Humble and pensive may be some of his endearing qualities, but this veritable artist may surprise you with his many hidden talents (both conventional and non-conventional).  While his brilliance in freehand drawing is undeniable, he would gladly set his pen down for an afternoon on the basketball court or watching the latest flicks.  Aside from appetite for dessert, an insatiable wanderlust is something he and April fondly share.


Though Mio don't always get to go on location with Manny and April, this adorable and not-so-little canine create her own brand of adventures too.  With a penchant for soft furry couches and staying up late, she found the perfect humans to cuddle up to, and continue to be unrivalled in her loyalty.


A warmhearted perfectionist, April loves organizing creative chaos as much as she enjoys daydreaming.  You can tell her boundless energy that she spends some of her time swimming and considers midnight-snacking quite common as she stays up working on her next design project.  This daydreamer thanks her husband and two dogs for her generally sunny disposition.